Monday, October 27, 2008

uh-oh he's in trouble

this morning, as usual, the kids were playing while watching tv. i can't remember what they were watching because i wastn't really paying attention to the tv.

suddenly, miggy approached me and asked me, "mama, what is a lawyer?"

"well, a lawyer is someone who defends you in court." i explained.

"can you get me a lawyer?" miggy said.

i knew this is something that's going to be either funny or silly, so i stopped what i was doing and answered him.

"kuya, you're too young to get a lawyer." i said.

"but, mama, i really want to have a lawyer!" can you imagine that i'm having this conversation with my seven year old?!?

"alright, can gabie be my lawyer?" yeah, right! his 4 year old brother as his lawyer LOL kids really do have the craziest ideas. but wait, there's more to the story ...

"why do you want to have a lawyer?" i asked miggy.

"because i always need someone to defend me!" said miggy.

"oh yeah, right! because you always get yourself into trouble!" and i guess he might really need one coz he is ALWAYS in trouble LOL


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