Monday, October 27, 2008

oreo cookie monster

last week, to celebrate my 10-days vacation, i baked a carrot cake and made an oreo ice cream cake for the kids. well, okay, for miggy and mikee. gabie still won't dare try my cakes :(

anyway, i used the carrot cake recipe from it's really good. i've already tried it three times.

now, the oreo ice cream cake is a big hit in the family. i started making it last wednesday but never got to finish it till saturday morning. i intentionally did not finish it because i waited for the carrot cake to finish first. i didn't want to give my family a hard time on deciding which one to have for desserts and snacks :)

as i said, it was a big hit and i believe these photos of mikee is enough to prove it :)

too bad, i've already posted my entry for this week's photohunt with a scary theme. otherwise, i would have entered this instead :D

if you want to try the oreo ice cream cake, you can get the recipe from here.



Liza said...

hehe, ang cute! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

have a great week ahead.

Momisodes said...

Aww, so cute!!! I love Oreo face :) The ice cream cake sounds wonderful!

lonestar818 said...

How cute!! That first one is my favorite, definitely a happy smile and no mistaking she's been eating some yummy cake, lol. :)

flo·ry said...

how sweet...;> thanks anyway for your comment, thank god still got the skill needed from time to time... what can we do... we're moms e!

god bless!

Badong said...

i seriously wanna have kids now.. lol

Enid said...

thanks for your comment 2 days ago! You really have very cute children especially your daughter she is one pretty pretty little girl! my baby girl is already 10 (hardly a baby hahaha) but when she was the same age as your daughter I just love dressing her up and taking her most silly pictures!