Sunday, October 12, 2008

i'm princess!

don’t be fooled by this photo of mikee. she may look like an angel; but, trust me, she is one feisty little angel! i think if you look longer at this photo, you'd see what i mean.

from when she was only a few months old, i can already tell that she has a very strong personality. i’m sure that my friends who knew me very well, would say that she took after me. well, i guess they are partly right. but, if i have a strong personality, hers is five times more!!!

being an only daughter (i waited four years for her), i fondly call her princess. don’t get me wrong; i don’t spoil her in any way. i’m sure a lot of mommies out there call their little girls princess.

and she loves it! she loves being called a princess and would often announce that “mikee is princess!” she even teases her brothers about this with her monologue …

mikee, princess!
gab-gab and kuya, no princess!
coz, you’re boy …
i’m girl … i’m princess!!!

and guess what she wants to be this coming halloween?

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