Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Silly Monkey Stories: mikee and her booboo

"look, mama, i have a booboo in my tummy!"

last night, for the fourth time in three days, mikee once again told me that she has a booboo.
the first time she mentioned it, i already looked. it was just a very very very tiny one. seems like a scratch caused it, maybe she scratched her tummy a little too vigorously.

so, i wasn’t too concerned. but, i guess, she really wants me to look at it closely so she keeps repeating it.

so, last night, when she told me again, i asked her, "ok. how did you get it?"

she replied, "coz, me and kuya and gab-gab and lola (grandma) and ate (nanny) stay home."

me, "ok …"

she continued, "then, gab-gab go school. ate and mikee go out with gab-gab. then, we wait for gab-gab’s school bus."

me again, "and then?"

"then, ate and mikee go home. then, me and kuya and lola and ate stay home. and i play with kuya." she finished.

"so, how did you get the booboo?", i asked.

"mama, i’m sleepy!!!"

so, after telling me everything she's done all day, she never got to tell me how she got the booboo!



Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

LOL!! If you finally get it out of her, make sure to tell us next Tuesday. Now I really want to know how she got it.

Thanks for sharing your Silly Monkey Story with us!!

Karen of the MomDot Street Team

Anonymous said...

ahihi anuvah pati ako naging sleepy sa pagbabasa ahahaha!

inyang said...

hahaha me too!

Losing Myself said...

you can say that again! ;) lol!

inyang said...

hi karen! yes, i'll make sure i share it next Tuesday ... that's if i do get it out of her :)

lonestar818 said...

That's so cute that she wore herself out telling you everything else!