Saturday, October 4, 2008

the sun will come out

when i don’t feel like reading a bedtime story for the kids, i’d just sing songs for them. one of the songs that i always sing for them is “tomorrow”, the song from the broadway musical “annie”.

two weeks ago, i finally found a video of the 1982 annie movie in youtube. the kids watched it and they loved it, especially mikee. she asked me to replay the opening credits so many times that after the fifth time miggy would always say “not again! mama, it’s already annoying. please, not again!”

from the day mikee saw the movie, she would always sing “tomorrow”. even when she’s playing, i’d hear her singing it. i guess she heard the song so many times that she could sing the whole song by herself.

and from the time she saw the movie …

every morning, when she wakes up, she’d start the day with “mama, today the sun will come out.”

and in the evening, she’d end the day with, “mama, the sun is not out now. but, the sun will come out tomorrow! tomorrow! i love ya, tomorrow … you’re only a day away!”

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