Saturday, October 4, 2008

mikee don't want to go to school

i had this “talk” with mikee the other day ...

here in singapore, the school year starts when the new year starts as well. and the children's level in school follows their year of birth. so, all the kids born on 2005 will start schooling as nursery students next year. and mikee will be one of them.

she will be going to the same kindergarten where gabie is in.

remember gabie is only 1 year older than mikee? when gabie began kindergarten early this year, mikee was more ready than gabie to go to school. but since she is only 2 years old at the time, i can’t really let her go.

it wasn’t easy for her in the beginning because that was the first time when her big brothers left her alone at home. since she was born, she’s always had gabie as her companion at home even when miggy is not around.

so that she will not feel very bad for being left alone at home, she’d always go with gabie to wait for the school bus and she’d always walk with miggy to school (miggy’s school is very close to our block).

and since she’ll be joining school soon, i’ve begun introducing to her the idea of going to school to make her excited about it. here’s our little talk:

me: mikee you’re going to gabie’s school soon. wow!
mikee: i don’t want!
me: why? i thought you want to go to school? don’t you want to join gabie in the school bus?
mikee: no, i don’t want to go to school.
me: why not?
mikee: coz, mama, i’m sick!
me: no, you’re not. you’re perfectly well.
mikee: coz, mama, i have a boo-boo!
me: no, you don’t.
mikee: but, mama, i’m tired!

oh dear! i guess we just have to have this talk another time :-)

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