Saturday, April 17, 2010

lost in translation #2

miggy boy is not the only one that i like to tease as baboy (pig) ... i also tease the other 2 the same ...

last friday, before going to work, i said goodbye to gabie and teased him ...

me: bye, baby boy, ba-boy! (i always call gabie as baby boy)

then to mikee: bye, baby girl, ba-boy!

gabie: no, mama, you're wrong! it's baby girl, ba-girl!

oh, alright ...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

in his time

since i came home from work, miggy has been asking me "weird" questions ...

"mama, in your time, did you have to use those lamps with kerosene?"

i absent-mindedly replied with a "yeah" ... (well, i really did when i was young and there's a power outage, we do get to use those kerosene lamps)

a while later ...

"mama, in your time, did you use those overhead projectors?"

again, absent-mindedly, "uh-huh" ... (well, most projectors are "overhead", right? even the ones in the movie theatres are "overhead")

during dinner ...

"mama, did you know, in your time, the first ever video game was created?"

now this i can't let go, so i replied, "wait a minute, are you trying to tell me something??? and who told you the first ever video game was created in my time? hey i wasn't even born yet when pong was created!!!"

(ok, i do know what the first video game is called ... but that doesn't mean i was already alive when it was created ... that's what i call discovery channel)

hmmmm now i wonder what could have triggered those questions ... could he be trying to imply something?

(and why am i explaining myself here?)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


mikee saw me chatting (online) with my friend ...

she asked me, "mama, you're spelling something for your friend?"

yes, that's chatting in the eyes of a 5 year old ...


Sunday, April 11, 2010

lost in translation #1


when miggy was a baby, we used to call him miggy boy ... we still do but with two younger siblings, more often he's referred to as kuya now ...

anyway, this afternoon, while waiting for the bus, i was teasing him and was singing "miggy boy, ba-boy!" ... (baboy is the filipino word for pig)

when he got annoyed, i asked him, "why? do you know what baboy is?"

he proudly said, "yes!"

and i said, "ok, so what does it mean?"

miggy replied, "chicken!"

when hubby and i laughed, miggy asked, "what? is it a turkey?"

lol ....