Tuesday, June 15, 2010


lately, i noticed that gabie is becoming more and more like his kuya miggy ... he's starting to be as naughty and talkative like miggy ...

today, from the time i came home, he has been asking me over and over again to help him earn more points in plants vs. zombies ...

when i've had enough, i told him, "you knowwhat? you're becoming makulit na!" (you're getting naughtier!)

he replied, "why? ... why? ... why? ... why? ... why? ... why? ... why? ... why? ... why? ... why? ... why?"

need i explain more?


Monday, June 14, 2010

pink girls and blue boys

mikee in sunglasses

last saturday, mikee and i went to orchard road to have some girly fun window shopping ... i bought her a dirt cheap pink sunglasses ... and after wearing it for some time she wanted to remove it ...

mikee: mama, can i take my sunglasses off?

me: but i thought you love it?

mikee: yeah, but everything is pink!

me: well, that's because the sunglasses are pink ...

mikee: but mama, even the boys are pink!

oh well, how do you explain to a five year old that not all pinks are girly and not all boys are blue?