Monday, February 16, 2009



this isn't really silly. but it's about a silly monkey ...

last night, i was cleaning up miggy's computer when i found a document entitled scary story book one. i was intrigued by the title. i wondered what's it all about so i opened it.

after reading it, i had a faint idea of who could have written it. but i had my doubts. and i have reasons for it.

see, miggy likes to write short stories. as in short stories. mostly 2-3 liners. most of the things he has written were about his favorite action heroes, cartoon characters, or video game characters. he'd always save his stories as word documents. i don't think you can imagine how many small word documents he has in his computer.

so, when i first saw the file and before reading it, i knew right away that it's his. but after reading it, that's when i started doubting it.

the story do look like it could have been done by miggy. one, it's quite short. two, it's saved in a word document. three, there are some grammatical and spelling errors.

but the story itself? it's very different from what he's written so far. i thought it was too creepy for a 8-year-old to write. as if it was copied from a book or something. but when i asked him, he said that he did write it. last year. when he was only 7 years old.

anyway, i think i have a good storyteller in the making. and here's his short story. do let me know what you think!

It was a dusty night. The wind blew the dust right into my window.
But something was wrong white stuff was stuffed together and many were flying through the air. I could fill my self-shaking through the air but I was not at home.
I was at a blank world but my mother was still there but staring at me.
She did not say any –thing. I was sc-scared. Was this a nightmare?

But it was not a nightmare. And then my mother vanishes shed.
I was alone. Nothing happened. Then the lights turned off.
I thought I was alone but ghost were with me.

you know why it's so creepy? i think he has just described exactly how it feels when you are having a nightmare. not just a bad dream, but a real nightmare.