Friday, May 6, 2011


this afternoon, mikee, who's in her final year in kindergarten, called me while i was at work ...

mikee: mama, i need your help with my homework.
me: okay, we'll do it later when i'm home.
mikee: but i want to finish it now!
me: okay, then you go and ask for your lola's (grandma) help.
mikee: no! she can't help me. she don't know how to do this. it's soooo hard. i need to do equals!

i'm guessing she's got a maths homework =D


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


gabie: mama, i know why there's no more enough space for people to live in ...
me: really? then why?
gabie: because they made sentosa so big ...

uhm ok ... i didn't get it ;P

Sunday, May 1, 2011

tv quips

the passion of christ

while watching mel gibson's the passion of christ (for the nth time) with mikee ...

mikee: hey, mama! you know what? your name is the same as mama mary's ...
me: really?
mikee: yes ... see mama and mama mary ...

cute ^.^

discovery's ultimate disasters

after watching part of the disaster marathon and seeing all of those tsunami shows, gabie came to me ...

gabie: mama, do the fishes also die in a tsunami?
me: uhm, good question babe ... honestly, i have no idea :D