Friday, May 6, 2011


this afternoon, mikee, who's in her final year in kindergarten, called me while i was at work ...

mikee: mama, i need your help with my homework.
me: okay, we'll do it later when i'm home.
mikee: but i want to finish it now!
me: okay, then you go and ask for your lola's (grandma) help.
mikee: no! she can't help me. she don't know how to do this. it's soooo hard. i need to do equals!

i'm guessing she's got a maths homework =D


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


gabie: mama, i know why there's no more enough space for people to live in ...
me: really? then why?
gabie: because they made sentosa so big ...

uhm ok ... i didn't get it ;P

Sunday, May 1, 2011

tv quips

the passion of christ

while watching mel gibson's the passion of christ (for the nth time) with mikee ...

mikee: hey, mama! you know what? your name is the same as mama mary's ...
me: really?
mikee: yes ... see mama and mama mary ...

cute ^.^

discovery's ultimate disasters

after watching part of the disaster marathon and seeing all of those tsunami shows, gabie came to me ...

gabie: mama, do the fishes also die in a tsunami?
me: uhm, good question babe ... honestly, i have no idea :D


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


while i was at work, mikee called me to have a chat ... after talking about what she wanted me to bring home for her, i asked her about her brother ...

me: is gabie home now?
mikee: no ...
me: oh, he's not yet home?
mikee: yes ... i mean no, o-n! no!
me: ah, baby, you mean no, n-o!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

jack and jill

after teaching mikee the nursery rhyme jack and jill, she said ...
mama, i really don't know why jack went up the hill ...
and i don't know why jill came tumbling down ...
i really think jill pushed jack, that's why he fell down ...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

mara clara

while watching mara clara ...

miggy: i thought mara is dead!?!?

mikee: because jesus made her alive!


Friday, March 11, 2011

tokyo is doomed?

when i heard about the news of the earthquake and tsunami in japan, what strike me most was the conversation that miggy and i had about 15 minutes before i heard the news ...

miggy: mama, did you know that tokyo, japan is doomed?
me: why?
miggy: someday tokyo will be destroyed because did you know that tokyo is under mt. fuji? and mt fuji is an active volcano!

that's why i was quite stunned when the first thing i heard when we reached home was about the quake and tsunami!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

my dad is better than your dad

we were watching my dad is better than your dad ... father and son are so proud that they can correctly answer most of the questions ...

miggy: papa, we have to join this!
hubby: yeah, we can win this.
miggy: do you remember when they asked about leonardo and pizza?
hubby: yeah ...
miggy: i knew it was the teenage mutant ninja apples!

lol that's what you get for watching too much annoying orange videos :D


Spring Roo

gabie saw his father reading about his work ...

gabie: papa, what's a spring roo?
hubby(unsure how to reply): it's a framework.
gabie: papa, what's a framework?
hubby: uh ...

hehe that's why it's easier to just say i don't know from the start :D


Saturday, January 22, 2011

to be or not to be

a few days ago, i was watching tv in the bedroom while the kids were playing on the bedroom floor ...

miggy: to be or not to be!
me: huh?!? 
miggy: i said, to be or not to be!
me: do you even know who said that?
miggy: uhhh, spongebob?
me: what?! of course, not. it's written by shakespeare!
miggy: what? you mean it's not spongebob?

i don't know where he got that idea ... anyway, here's a photo of the spongebob cake i baked for his 10th birthday ...


Thursday, January 6, 2011

the little sister

i overheard mikee talking to miggy ...

mikee: kuya, can you get me a cup of milk?

miggy: and why will i do that?

mikee: but i'm your little sister! and you are my big brother!

i can already see the future of this little girl ... i guess i'd have to start saving for an mba ...

miggy: ok, i'll do that but you have to promise that you'll never be bad to me and you will give me cookies.

mikee: mama!!! kuya wants me to do things for him!

hahahaha so she's the only one who can make demands ... and guess what? after a few "discussions" with miggy, she got what she wanted in the end =D