Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Silly Monkey Stories: miggy's blog

it’s tuesday again and today, another silly monkey story is due.

initially, i thought of sharing some photos that miggy took. but i changed my mind. miggy’s photos will have to wait till next week. you'll find out then why the photos are silly monkies story materials.

okay, so i’ve already posted yesterday that finally miggy has his own blog. and i didn't really want to post about it again because i'm sure it would look as if i am promoting his blog. but when i read his first post yesterday, i really had a ball! and i thought, this one is a silly monkey story.

here, read it for yourself …

this only proves that my miggy is still a very young child. the part about gabie looking for the rabbits is what really tickled me most! i mean, there he was talking about super mario and how he learned some tricks (of course, in a very childish way), when suddenly, out of nowhere, he talks about gabie and the rabbits! and the way he puts it is just so funny :D just like any other child, his attention span is still very short and it shows in this post of his.

read more silly monkey stories here ...


Monday, October 27, 2008

a new baby

yes, i have a new baby. but no! not that kind of baby. i already have three, remember? not to mention my hubby who is such a big baby :)

i am talking about my new blog. i've just created a new blog. if you want to know what it's all about and why i have to create another one when i already have this, then do drop by my other blog. then you'll know why.


my little blogger

now, lo and behold! little mr. blabbermouth (of course, i'm talking about miggy, who else?) has his own blog now!

yes, you read it right. my 7 year old miggy is also a blogger now. he's been asking me for days to create a blog for him. and he is very persistent when he wants something. so there!

anyway, i think it would be good for him to have his own blog. from the moment he learned how to read and write, he's already wasted too much paper on his "short stories." he likes to write about his favorite superheroes, games, and cartoon characters. he's even created his own comics. yes, he did. he wrote about a character named superball (can you guess why he's called superball lol).

so, if you happen to drop by his blog, expect to read a lot of stories about super mario, luigi, ultraman, and many other characters. and do bear in mind that it's a 7 year old's blog, so do expect a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. but, it's always fun to read stories written by kids. so, do visit him at miggy's playground if you need a smile or a laugh.


uh-oh he's in trouble

this morning, as usual, the kids were playing while watching tv. i can't remember what they were watching because i wastn't really paying attention to the tv.

suddenly, miggy approached me and asked me, "mama, what is a lawyer?"

"well, a lawyer is someone who defends you in court." i explained.

"can you get me a lawyer?" miggy said.

i knew this is something that's going to be either funny or silly, so i stopped what i was doing and answered him.

"kuya, you're too young to get a lawyer." i said.

"but, mama, i really want to have a lawyer!" can you imagine that i'm having this conversation with my seven year old?!?

"alright, can gabie be my lawyer?" yeah, right! his 4 year old brother as his lawyer LOL kids really do have the craziest ideas. but wait, there's more to the story ...

"why do you want to have a lawyer?" i asked miggy.

"because i always need someone to defend me!" said miggy.

"oh yeah, right! because you always get yourself into trouble!" and i guess he might really need one coz he is ALWAYS in trouble LOL


oreo cookie monster

last week, to celebrate my 10-days vacation, i baked a carrot cake and made an oreo ice cream cake for the kids. well, okay, for miggy and mikee. gabie still won't dare try my cakes :(

anyway, i used the carrot cake recipe from JoyofBaking.com. it's really good. i've already tried it three times.

now, the oreo ice cream cake is a big hit in the family. i started making it last wednesday but never got to finish it till saturday morning. i intentionally did not finish it because i waited for the carrot cake to finish first. i didn't want to give my family a hard time on deciding which one to have for desserts and snacks :)

as i said, it was a big hit and i believe these photos of mikee is enough to prove it :)

too bad, i've already posted my entry for this week's photohunt with a scary theme. otherwise, i would have entered this instead :D

if you want to try the oreo ice cream cake, you can get the recipe from here.


school's out

well, not yet. but will be soon! the school holidays is coming very, very close. and it's going to be a very long holiday for the kids. this means:

1. for miggy

only 1 exam left. whew! he's got only one mandarin exam left. can you believe that 4 out of his 6 exams are for mandarin?
my hubby and i had a deal with miggy that we'd buy new wii games for him if he could ace his english and maths exams. and i have to give credit to him. i never studied that much when i was his age! and he studied everyday. practicing with all the maths and english exercise books that i bought for him. and two times a week revisions with his chinese tutor. they even had to spend one extra hour for his revisions, which means extra $25 for the tutor!

his maths and english exams are over. he thinks he did well. but he cannot say that he aced it. well, that's good enough for me. i know he did his best and that's what's important for me.

a photo of miggy talking to a friend in school, taken last thursday

2. for gabie

his kindergarten had their graduation concert last friday. and no, gabie did not graduate since he's only in nursery. he's got another two years in kindergarten. but each of the class in his kindergarten performed that night.

gabie's class did a traditional taiwanese dance. it was the first time that my dear baby gabie performed in stage and i was so proud of him :)

here's a video of his performance. you can see in the video that he was having lots of fun dancing!

3. for mikee
my little girl is growing very fast. she'll be starting school in two months!


Sunday, October 26, 2008


i've read in a few ghosthunting sites that if a ghost manifests itself in a photo, it would most likely be as an orb. so, every time i see an orb in a photo, i would think, "could that be a ghost?"

now, just imagine my surprise when i saw this photo of gabie ... not only does it have an orb, it's got lots of 'em! to me, it looks as if they're playing with him ...

i took this photo in december 2006. it was taken in front of a newly opened mall here in singapore, the vivocity. we used to live just a few blocks away from this mall. and around that time, i would often go there with the kids to hang around. mallrats, yeah i know.

this particular night, only gabie was with me. we were waiting for my husband who was supposed to meet us there from work. but, he was late. so while waiting for him, i allowed gabie to play around but never near the fountain because i don't want him to get wet. i didn't have any spare clothes for him.

while he was playing i took a series of photos of him with my handphone. and the one above is one of them. remember, we never went near the fountain, so it can't be water droplets. and below are the other photos in the series. the shot after this photo is completely free of any orbs as you can see here ...

but two other photos have at least one orb in it. as you can see in the one below, there is an orb on his head.

i don't know about you, but i'm scared. hey, that's my son with the orbs!


Friday, October 24, 2008

LITRATONG PINOY: Liwanag (Light)

in the philippines, ilaw ng tahanan (literally, light of the house) and haligi ng tahanan (literally, post of the house) are idioms which refer to mother and father, respectively. go figure :-) if i am the light of our house, our three kids are the ones who give light to mine and my husband’s life. they simply bring the sunshine into our lives.

sabi nila, ang ama ay ang haligi ng tahanan at ang ina ang ilaw ng tahanan. kung ako ang ilaw ng aming tahanan, ang mga anak ko nmn ang liwanag ng buhay naming mag-asawa. silang tatlo ang nagbibigay ng liwanag sa buhay namin.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Silly Monkey Stories: the actor

today, gabie was left by the school bus. he went to the waiting point a tad too late so i had to take him to school. miggy and mikee came along.

after we dropped gabie to school, the three of us went to a nearby mall. miggy saw a pizza hut outlet and asked me if we can have lunch there. i told him i prefer to have sandwiches instead of a pizza. so we'll just go to subway.

disappointed, he said, "actors are so lucky!"

puzzled, i asked him, "why?"

"because they eat free pizzas all the time!" he replied.

i guess he was talking about the actors in the pizza hut commercials.


Monday, October 20, 2008

rooted to the spot

this morning, miggy finally (finally!) started reading harry potter. he was reading the philosopher's stone when he asked me what does rooted mean. he was reading the part when mr. dursley was suddenly embraced by a stranger and he was rooted to the spot.

i explained to miggy that it means not being able to move and told him that the expression was derived from trees being rooted to the ground, thus unable to move.

just about an hour ago, something happened to miggy (again!!!) that reminded me of that expression.

we just came back from the library when it happened. miggy borrowed a cd-rom of a spiderman game and he was too excited to try it. but, i told him that it has to wait until he has finished his math’s homework. his exams will be on wednesday. and in his school, it seems that getting even 5 mistakes is unacceptable. (that’s true, i’m not exaggerating. i once talked to his teacher about it and she told me that she was expecting him to perfect it because the other kids can do it. great, gone were the days when i was still in school and getting at least half of the questions correct is already a big accomplishment.)

anyway, so i asked miggy to do his homework but he really wanted to play the game. he was complaining a lot and it was very obvious that he wasn't happy. he was stomping his feet and hitting the couch with his fists. still, i left him in the living room to do his homework and i went to the bedroom to attend a conference call with my colleagues in london and america. i was only about 5 minutes into the call when i heard miggy screaming his lungs out! luckily, my blackberry was muted; just in case one of the kids cries.

you know what happened? simply put, miggy poked his left foot with his pencil! it was a newly sharpened pencil. according to my mom, when ate j (the nanny) gave miggy the pencil he was still in his stomping and hitting mode. and, by accident, he poked his left foot with the pencil. the sharp part of the lead was broken and was left in the wound. and, this happened only a week after the same foot was freed from the cast!

imagine all of this crying and shouting happening in the middle of a conference call. i had to attend the call inside the bathroom to get away from all the noise. it was so frustrating hearing my son crying, asking me to comfort him amidst his pains and not being able to do anything about it. anyway, good thing the call was short; it lasted only 30 minutes instead of an hour. as soon as the call ended, i attended to miggy’s foot.

after too much poking here and there with a tweezers, a nail-cutter, and a big needle, i really cannot get any part of the lead. either it melted after all the poking i did, or there wasn’t really any part left in the wound. so, i just gave miggy a paracetamol for the pain. and put betadine on the wound to avoid any infection.

i googled about such “accidents”, worried about lead poisoning. but, i found out that there isn’t really anything to worry about since pencils now doesn’t really have any lead on it.

what does it all have to do with being rooted to the spot? well, as always, to make the situation light, my husband teased miggy. he told miggy that since the pencils are made out of trees, after some time, roots will grow out of the lead that was left in his foot. and when that happens, he won’t be able to move anymore and he will be rooted to the ground. this of course started another bout of crying.

after i have reassured miggy that it will never happen, miggy told me that he was very sorry for not listening to me in the first place. and, he told me not to worry, because he won’t water his foot so the roots won’t grow!!!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

black & white

baa baa black sheep
you are very small ...
baa baa black sheep
you are very small!

mikee's version of baa baa black sheep

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Friday, October 17, 2008

good news

j here's an update about miggy. his cast was already removed last wednesday. thank god! though he is still limping a bit. according to him it doesn't hurt anymore when he walks, but it does when he moves around. hmmm i wonder what he means. anyway, we have an open appointment with the children's hospital so we can take him back when necessary.

j i'll be on leave this coming week!!! yippeeee!!! finally, i'd be able to spend a lot of time with the kids. i can also help miggy with his revisions for the exams next week. and, i'd be watching gabie on his first ever performance in his school's graduation concert on friday.

j i'm thinking of bringing the kids to the beach this monday. hmmm we'll see.



we are family
i've got all my sisters with me
we are family
get up everybody and sing!
(by the sledge sisters)
girls are rare commodities in my family hahaha ... i am an only daughter ... mikee is my only daughter (fingers-crossed :P) ... and above is a photo of the only two other girls in my family ... mikee and my mother ... two girls, one generation apart ...

girls are rare only on my side of the family ... on my husband's side, it's abundant :)


Thursday, October 16, 2008

LITRATONG PINOY: Bago nga kaya?

marami na ang nakapagsabi na me hawig daw si gabie kay billy crawford noong mga kapanahunang nakikilala pa sya bilang si billy joe crawford, noong nasa that's entertainment pa sya.

hindi ko nmn ito napapansin noong una, pero minsan nabati si gabie ng isang kaibigan ko. kahawig nga daw nito si billy joe. kahit ang isang tita ko na sa internet pa lang naman nakita si gabie e yun din ang nasabi sa akin.

mabuti pa, ikaw na lang ang humusga. tingnan mo ang larawan ni gabie sa itaas. ano sa palagay mo, kahawig nga ba?

hmmm si gabie na nga kaya ang bagong billy joe crawford? kuya germs???


a lot of people have already told me that my gabie looks like billy crawford when billy was still known as billy "joe" crawford during his "that's entertainment" days.

i didn't really notice it at first. not until a friend of mine told me that gabie looks like billy. Even my aunt who has never seen gabie in person (only through the internet) had the same comment.

anyway, i'll leave it up to you. you be the judge. look at gabie's photo above. what do you think? does he really look like billy?

hmmm could it really be that gabie is the new billy joe crawford? kuya germs???

this bit here is out of LitratongPinoy. i just can't help myself from sharing this ...

here are some more photos of gabie ...

by the way, the fourth photo is not gabie. that's billy joe!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

gabie's nose

yesterday, gabie had a very very late afternoon nap. when i came home from work, he was still sleeping.

when he finally woke up, he was sneezing and he had a runny nose (excuse me).

he told me, "mama, i need a tissue. my nose is coming out!"


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Silly Monkey Stories: mikee and her booboo

"look, mama, i have a booboo in my tummy!"

last night, for the fourth time in three days, mikee once again told me that she has a booboo.
the first time she mentioned it, i already looked. it was just a very very very tiny one. seems like a scratch caused it, maybe she scratched her tummy a little too vigorously.

so, i wasn’t too concerned. but, i guess, she really wants me to look at it closely so she keeps repeating it.

so, last night, when she told me again, i asked her, "ok. how did you get it?"

she replied, "coz, me and kuya and gab-gab and lola (grandma) and ate (nanny) stay home."

me, "ok …"

she continued, "then, gab-gab go school. ate and mikee go out with gab-gab. then, we wait for gab-gab’s school bus."

me again, "and then?"

"then, ate and mikee go home. then, me and kuya and lola and ate stay home. and i play with kuya." she finished.

"so, how did you get the booboo?", i asked.

"mama, i’m sleepy!!!"

so, after telling me everything she's done all day, she never got to tell me how she got the booboo!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

global warming

earlier, i was doing a report for my brother (yeah right, guilty as charged!) about global warming. miggy saw what i was doing and read the word "climate".

he asked, "mama, what is climate?"

to "stimulate his brain", i answered, "what do you think is climate?"

(ok, i admit, i simply don't have any brilliant idea how to explain this to him at that exact moment hihi)

he replied, "well, in school, i learned that climate is when the world gets really wet."

hahaha la nina!


i'm sorry ... again

today the kids are fighting over the 50-pcs toy again. it's mikee and gabie's turn now. and of course, they have to go through the same punishment.


i'm princess!

don’t be fooled by this photo of mikee. she may look like an angel; but, trust me, she is one feisty little angel! i think if you look longer at this photo, you'd see what i mean.

from when she was only a few months old, i can already tell that she has a very strong personality. i’m sure that my friends who knew me very well, would say that she took after me. well, i guess they are partly right. but, if i have a strong personality, hers is five times more!!!

being an only daughter (i waited four years for her), i fondly call her princess. don’t get me wrong; i don’t spoil her in any way. i’m sure a lot of mommies out there call their little girls princess.

and she loves it! she loves being called a princess and would often announce that “mikee is princess!” she even teases her brothers about this with her monologue …

mikee, princess!
gab-gab and kuya, no princess!
coz, you’re boy …
i’m girl … i’m princess!!!

and guess what she wants to be this coming halloween?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

happy birthday, yesha

last week, i promised the kids that today we'll go visit a good friend of theirs who will be celebrating her birthday on tuesday. as always, they were so excited and can't wait for this day to come. they have not seen her in months.

unfortunately, because of miggy's condition, we had to cancel our plan. since we cannot go, i'll just dedicate this post to her ...

here's a photo of the kids with their friends who they have not seen in months. yesha is the lovely girl standing off-center of the photo. happy birthday, yesha!!!


sampaguita vendor

here are two photos of miggy with his cast and the scooter that he uses to move around the house. my poor baby T_T

we opted not to get him crutches because he's too young to use it. it might lead to another accident.

and as the hubby puts it, if we get miggy the crutches, only the sampaguita will be missing ;P



i chanced upon this blog today and i thought i'd love to join this hunt. but of course, i'll make sure that my entries will always be about the stars of this blog :)

and here's my entry for this weeks theme: Lazy ...

this photo of gabie reminds me of those lazy saturday afternoons when we still lived near the beach. i always take the kids to the beach a.) for them to have fun, b.) to have our bonding moments, and c.) for me to laze under the afternoon sun ... well, of course, always under the shade of a tree hihi


Friday, October 10, 2008


miggy was reading "our" blog ... again.

he was reading the post counting sheeps. he was reading this part:

"i'd tell them a story about the different mythical creatures from the
philippines like aswang, tikbalang, kapre, etc."

when he asked me, “mama, what creature is e-t-c?”

what about you, do you know?


the unexpected

my hubby's company will be moving to a different location on monday. today, they did all the packing and eventually, he went home earlier than usual. much much earlier, i must say.

when he reached home, the kids were surprised.

as soon as he went into the house, miggy exclaimed, “papa, are you fired???”


Thursday, October 9, 2008

mikee talks

straight from the mouth of babes:

mama, i'm bobot ear! (mama, i'm over here!)
toots me! (excuse me!)
yeyo teeti (hello kitty)
i take out my chin and sing ... (i stick out my chin and sing ... )
oh, tatin! (oh, nothing!)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

he's hammered

"mama, my foot hurts!"

yesterday, on the train home, i received a frantic call from miggy. he was on panic mode. i can’t really understand him at first because all he’s doing was crying.

after 10 minutes of crying on the phone, he finally stopped. then, he told me that his foot hurts a lot. he said that while going down the stairs in school, he twisted and sprained his ankle. and, he used the same foot to walk from school to home (we're on the opposite side of the block). that’s why, by the time he reached home, it was already too painful.

when i reached home, he has already stopped crying. i told him that we would go to the a&e of the children’s hospital to get his foot treated. as always, he asked the silliest questions.

mama, do i have to use a wheelchair now?
will i use a wheelchair forever???
will my feet hurt forever?
how will the doctor check my bones? will he open the skin?

well, we ended up not going. he was too anxious for a trip to the hospital. i just surfed the net and looked for what should be done as first aide for ankle sprain. i learned about rice (rest, ice, compress, elevate). so, i just let him rest his foot and take a day off from school.

but tonight, i decided to take him to the hospital because since he took the day off, we needed to get a medical certificate for him. kids here in singapore can only take days off from school if they have a valid medical certificate.

in the taxi, on our way to the hospital, miggy asked what the doctor would do to him. my hubby joked and told him that the doctor would have to check if his bones are fine by opening up his skin.

miggy: what will they do if my bones are broken?
me: (i played along with my hubby) then they will get a nail and a hammer and “repair” your bones.
miggy: what??? mama, i don’t want to be hammered!

of course, he wasn’t hammered. the doctor said that he could probably have fractured his ankle so he put miggy’s feet on a cast.

now miggy can’t go to school for another seven days.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

young readers

miggy and i visited the community library yesterday. his comment, "mama, i really love this library!"

i guess you can tell from this photo that he really loves it ... he's too comfy!

and here's a photo of the books he borrowed to read for 3 weeks ... i still can't make him read harry potter :-( ... maybe he'll change his mind in a month's time ... i'm hoping ...

of course, when gabie saw me taking a photo of miggy's books, he gave me his own books (comics, really) as well ... and here they are, the books that gabie is "reading" every night ...

and finally, a photo of mikee "reading" miggy's spiderwick chronicle book ...



finally, here's a video of mikee singing tomorrow ...


the singing bee

rated k is on right now (via tfc). they are featuring this lady who is asking for a once in a lifetime chance to have her own concert so that her family and friends can hear her singing.

after the lady said her plea, miggy blurted, “then, why don’t you just go to the singing bee!”

i didn’t even know that miggy was watching. he’s supposed to be doing his homework!


gabie and the pupununus

“mama, i want pupununus!”

what??? what in the world is pupununus? do you have any idea what this is?

lately, i’ve had a lot of frustrations over this pupununus thingy. gabie would always ask for it. but, i have absolutely no idea what this is! this always leads to a lot of crying on gabie’s side. and as his mom, there’s nothing i can do because i really don’t know what it is. if you’re a parent of a toddler, or if you’ve had a toddler, i’m sure you can understand how frustrating this kind of situations are.

according to miggy, gabie is talking about a tv show from nickelodeon. to solve this dillema, today, i searched the nickelodeon site. but i can’t find any “pupununus” show.

luckily, miggy is right beside me and he pointed at the right show. and of course, the title is not pupununus. did i really expect that my 4year old would know the correct title?

finally! so pupununus is actually “tak and the power of juju”. and now, i also know why gabie calls it pupununus. as described by the nickelodeon website, the show is about tak who is a shaman’s assistant from the pupununu tribe.

whew, now that's such a relief! no more frustrating nights with gabie :0)

so, you parents out there, if ever your toddler asks for pupununus, now you know what it is. it’s tak and the power of juju.

but, if your toddler asks for tikawiraowa, sorry, can’t help you with that. i have no idea, too!

one, two, buckle my shoe

mikee's version of this nursery rhyme ...

one, two, buckle my shoe
three, four, shut the door
five, six, pick up sticks
seven, eight, lay them straight
nine, ten, a big fat head!

mama, what's a big fat head?

baby, it's a hen, not head!

mama, what's a big fat hen?

a hen is a chicken.

wow, chicken! yummy!


super mario

did i say miggy likes to draw and make stories? well, here's one of his works ...


kuya kim

in the philippines, there is a tv personality named kim atienza. he is well known as kuya kim. fyi, kuya is the tagalog term for older brother. so, kuya kim means older brother kim.

thanks to tfc (the filipino channel), even if we are not in the philippines, we are still able to watch shows from home. and this is how my kids learned about kuya kim. and they like him very much. please don’t ask me why they like him. please ...

miggy, for instance, would always mimic him. whenever he is asked to speak in tagalog (he speaks only in english), he would always say the lines of kuya kim. especially kuya kim’s famous line in a tv game show where he lost.

now, mikee is a different story.

mikee calls miggy kuya since he is her older brother. but, she doesn’t call gabie kuya. i guess it’s because of the small age difference between them. she fondly calls him gab-gab. trust me, i’ve tried to make her call him kuya, too. but to no avail.

but now, because of kuya kim. she’s got a new name for her older brothers. she’d call miggy as kuya kim and gabie as gab-gab kim! i guess she thought instead of adding kuya to the name of her older brothers, she have to add kim instead.

i'd often hear her shouting "kuyaaaaaa kimmmm!!!! that's mine" whenever miggy is teasing her. or i'd hear her say, "gab-gab kim, look! there's pokemon ..."

hay, c kuya kim kasi e! (it’s kuya kim’s fault!)


Saturday, October 4, 2008

diaper head

while uploading the image for my previous post, i happened to see this photo of mikee. i think, this blog won't be complete without this photo.

this was taken when she was not even 2 years old. mind you, she is the one who put the diaper on her head. we just saw her walking around the house with a diaper on her head and i thought i must take a picture of her.


we're passers

the lease of our flat will be ending in december. and since the rental market here in singapore has gone crazy in the past 2 years, i have to start scouting for another flat earlier.

we can’t renew the lease of our flat because the rate of our flat now is way, way, way below market value. the owner of this flat has been waiting for us to move out from the day we moved in hahaha

anyway, once when i was surfing the web for available flats, miggy saw what i was doing. he pointed at a well renovated hdb flat (public housing - an hdb flat is cheaper than condo flats … well, 3-4 years ago, it was really cheap … but now, the rentals has doubled) and asked if we could move into that flat.

i told him, “no, it’s too expensive for us.”

miggy said, “but i thought we’re rich?”

i was surprised so i corrected him right away, “anak, we’re not rich!”

then, he said, “but mama, we are! see, we have a nice house, right?” he’s referring to our house in the philippines.

so, i told him, “we’re not rich. mama and papa needs to work very hard so we can pay for that house and so that we can provide you with everything that you need. but we’re not rich. we just received enough blessings.”

miggy blurted out, “oh, you mean we’re passers?”

“what???” i asked.

“we’re passers. we’re half rich, half poor.” explained miggy.

aaaa, pasado lang daw kami! he meant we just passed “the mark” ...


the sun will come out

when i don’t feel like reading a bedtime story for the kids, i’d just sing songs for them. one of the songs that i always sing for them is “tomorrow”, the song from the broadway musical “annie”.

two weeks ago, i finally found a video of the 1982 annie movie in youtube. the kids watched it and they loved it, especially mikee. she asked me to replay the opening credits so many times that after the fifth time miggy would always say “not again! mama, it’s already annoying. please, not again!”

from the day mikee saw the movie, she would always sing “tomorrow”. even when she’s playing, i’d hear her singing it. i guess she heard the song so many times that she could sing the whole song by herself.

and from the time she saw the movie …

every morning, when she wakes up, she’d start the day with “mama, today the sun will come out.”

and in the evening, she’d end the day with, “mama, the sun is not out now. but, the sun will come out tomorrow! tomorrow! i love ya, tomorrow … you’re only a day away!”

did i really do that?

just showed this blog to miggy.

he had fun reading it and he just can’t believe he was really that funny!


mikee don't want to go to school

i had this “talk” with mikee the other day ...

here in singapore, the school year starts when the new year starts as well. and the children's level in school follows their year of birth. so, all the kids born on 2005 will start schooling as nursery students next year. and mikee will be one of them.

she will be going to the same kindergarten where gabie is in.

remember gabie is only 1 year older than mikee? when gabie began kindergarten early this year, mikee was more ready than gabie to go to school. but since she is only 2 years old at the time, i can’t really let her go.

it wasn’t easy for her in the beginning because that was the first time when her big brothers left her alone at home. since she was born, she’s always had gabie as her companion at home even when miggy is not around.

so that she will not feel very bad for being left alone at home, she’d always go with gabie to wait for the school bus and she’d always walk with miggy to school (miggy’s school is very close to our block).

and since she’ll be joining school soon, i’ve begun introducing to her the idea of going to school to make her excited about it. here’s our little talk:

me: mikee you’re going to gabie’s school soon. wow!
mikee: i don’t want!
me: why? i thought you want to go to school? don’t you want to join gabie in the school bus?
mikee: no, i don’t want to go to school.
me: why not?
mikee: coz, mama, i’m sick!
me: no, you’re not. you’re perfectly well.
mikee: coz, mama, i have a boo-boo!
me: no, you don’t.
mikee: but, mama, i’m tired!

oh dear! i guess we just have to have this talk another time :-)

Friday, October 3, 2008

rock 'n roll!

here's another video of mikee singing what seems to be a rock 'n roll song. i have absolutely no idea where she heard this song. i don't even know if there is such a song.

a month after i took this video, my friends came to my house. while we were talking, mikee suddenly came out of the bedroom, carrying her guitar, and wearing her sunglasses. and she started singing the exact same song!

if you ask me, i think this could be her first composition!


say sorry

my kids are not only funny, they are also very obedient ... well, sometimes ...

last night, gabie and miggy were fighting over their toy. it's an educational/construction toy that consists of many different pieces that you put together to form something. you know, the kind that's supposed to encourage children's curiosity, discovery, creativity, yada yada yada.

so, imagine them arguing about a 50-pieces toy. i mean, that's 50 pieces, right? there's more than enough for the two of them.

after asking them to stop fighting for, i think, the 10th time and they still wouldn't stop, that's it! it's time for me to take action. i scolded them and as their punishment, i asked them to sit at the opposite corners of the bedroom. they were not allowed to leave their spot unless i tell them. and they are supposed to think about what they've done and why it's wrong.

so, after about 5 minutes, they started saying sorry to me. i told them that they should not say sorry to me but to each other. so, i told them to face each other. then hold each other's hands and look into each other's eyes. then say, "i'm sorry" to each other repeatedly.

i told them that i'll go out of the bedroom for a while and they have to continue saying "i'm sorry" to each other until i come back.

well, you see, i was baking a cake that time so when i left the bedroom, it wasn't just for "a while". i stayed out of the bedroom until i finished baking the cake and completely forgot the punishment i gave to the two boys!

i went back to the bedroom and they were still holding hands and saying sorry to each other hahaha

later, the hubby who was left in the bedroom with them, told me that after a while, gabie stopped saying sorry to miggy. but miggy still kept on saying it until his voice was already hoarse. and gabie was already very much irritated with miggy's pleas that he kept on trying to cover miggy's mouth with his hands to stop him.

as i said, they are obedient kids :D and funny ...

counting sheeps

my kids love hearing bedtime stories from me. before going to sleep, they'd always ask me to tell them a story. sometimes, i'd tell them a fairy tale, sometimes i'd tell them a filipino folklore, but most of the time, i'd tell them a story about the different mythical creatures from the philippines like aswang, tikbalang, kapre, etc. though scary, they really prefer the latter.

like most moms, i'd tell them a story whenever i can. but like most working moms, there are times when, as much as i want to oblige, i'm just too tired from work so i'd think of something else that can help them to go to sleep.

there was one night when i was so tired from work and i just want to head straight to dreamland. as always, miggy started asking me for a story. when i told him i'm tired, he insisted.

miggy: mama, i can't sleep.
me: why don't you count sheeps jumping over a fence? that will make you sleepy.
miggy: ok.

he was quiet for a few minutes that i thought he was already sleeping.

miggy: mama, i still can't sleep.
me: why?
miggy: because there's already so many sheeps jumping over the fence! i can't count all of them.
me: ay naku, just tell the sheeps to line up and jump one at a time.

a few minutes of silence again.

miggy: mama, i really can't sleep.
me: now what?
miggy: because there are so many animals now. not only sheeps!

hahaha now that's what i call "wild imagination" ...


mikee's very first music video

i think we have a singer in the family. mikee started showing her interest in singing when she was only two years old.

here's a copy of the video i took of her while she was singing. actually, it's more of me singing in the background and her acting out in the video. anyway, just watch this. i think she's really cute here ... well, i'm the mommy, so of course, i'd say she's cute :)

please forgive my singing. as i said, mikee is the singer in the family. not me hehehe

oh yeah ... the song is a tagalog song, so really sorry to those who can't understand it ...


when i grow up

when miggy was about 5, we had this "when i grow up" talk ...

me: when you grow up, do you want to be a programmer like mama and papa?

miggy: of course not!

me: why?

miggy: because it's so boring. all you do is use the computer and stay in the office all day long ... (proudly) i'm going to be a bus driver!!!

about a few months later, we had the same talk ...

miggy was telling me about what he wants to be when he grows up ...

miggy: mama, when I grow up, I'm going to be a soldier.

me: ok.

miggy: but i could be shot by a bullet! oh no, i don't want to be a soldier now.

me: so, what do you want to be?

miggy: i know, i'll be a pilot! i'm going to fly planes.

me: ok.

miggy: but wait ... what if the airplane crashes?!?!?! oh no, i don't want to be a pilot too...

me: so, now, what will you be when you grow up?

miggy: i know, i'll be a bus driver!

me: ok.

miggy: oh, but what if the bus has an accident!?!?! oh, now, i don't want to be a bus driver ...

me: so, now what?

miggy: oh, alright ... (very sad and pouting) i'll just be a programmer ...


Thursday, October 2, 2008

what's your name?

when miggy was only 1 year old, i bought him a vcd copy of the movie shrek ... he loved it so much that he would watch it over and over and over again ...

actually, i thought he loved shrek so much that whenever anybody asks him "what's your name?", he'd always answer "shrek" ... of course, the person who asked him would always laugh after hearing his answer ... some would even fondly call him shrek ...

then one day, while he was watching shrek for the nth time, i watched it with him ... this time, i paid attention to the movie ... then it came to the part where donkey asked shrek, "what's your name?" ... shrek answered, "shrek" ...

aha, that's it!
that was a lightbulb moment for me ... so, that is the reason why miggy always says shrek when he hears "what's your name?" ... i think, in the movie, shrek was asked for his name so many times that the question stuck into miggy's head and he thought that the answer to that question is always "shrek" hahaha

my funny kids ...

since this blog is about my kids, this first post will be an introduction of my kids ...

i have three kids ... 2 boys and 1 girl ...

miggy is the eldest ... according to him, super mario is the best game in the world ... ever ... he used to be the number one fan of ultraman (that's what he used to say) ... but now, it's all super mario for him ... since i give him free access to the internet (as long as he don't go to "bad" sites), he knows more about super mario than i do ... he knows all the super mario games and he even knows about mario games that are not even out yet ... and he is only seven years old ...

gabie is my second son ... he is four years old ... he is a big fan of pokemon ... just now while i am writing this, he asked me why pokemon is chinese ... what??? thanks to miggy, he explained that they just saw a pokemon show that is dubbed in chinese hahaha gabie loves pokemon so much that every night he would read his pokemon comic book before going to sleep ... don't ask me how he reads it ... i have no idea as well ... he cannot even talk clearly yet, so of course he can't read yet ... but i can see him now turning the page ... oh! and he also loves his winnie the pooh pillow ... he would always cry and say goodbye to his pillow whenever he has to leave the house as if he'd never see it again ...

and finally, the princess of the family, mikee ... she is only three years old but she acts and talks to her brothers as if she is the eldest ... she can tease her brothers to the point of making them cry ... and she loves fish, cooked fish ... we can't ever leave a fried fish in our dining table because the moment that we are not looking, she'd grab it and ran away just like a cat!