Sunday, October 5, 2008

kuya kim

in the philippines, there is a tv personality named kim atienza. he is well known as kuya kim. fyi, kuya is the tagalog term for older brother. so, kuya kim means older brother kim.

thanks to tfc (the filipino channel), even if we are not in the philippines, we are still able to watch shows from home. and this is how my kids learned about kuya kim. and they like him very much. please don’t ask me why they like him. please ...

miggy, for instance, would always mimic him. whenever he is asked to speak in tagalog (he speaks only in english), he would always say the lines of kuya kim. especially kuya kim’s famous line in a tv game show where he lost.

now, mikee is a different story.

mikee calls miggy kuya since he is her older brother. but, she doesn’t call gabie kuya. i guess it’s because of the small age difference between them. she fondly calls him gab-gab. trust me, i’ve tried to make her call him kuya, too. but to no avail.

but now, because of kuya kim. she’s got a new name for her older brothers. she’d call miggy as kuya kim and gabie as gab-gab kim! i guess she thought instead of adding kuya to the name of her older brothers, she have to add kim instead.

i'd often hear her shouting "kuyaaaaaa kimmmm!!!! that's mine" whenever miggy is teasing her. or i'd hear her say, "gab-gab kim, look! there's pokemon ..."

hay, c kuya kim kasi e! (it’s kuya kim’s fault!)


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