Monday, October 27, 2008

my little blogger

now, lo and behold! little mr. blabbermouth (of course, i'm talking about miggy, who else?) has his own blog now!

yes, you read it right. my 7 year old miggy is also a blogger now. he's been asking me for days to create a blog for him. and he is very persistent when he wants something. so there!

anyway, i think it would be good for him to have his own blog. from the moment he learned how to read and write, he's already wasted too much paper on his "short stories." he likes to write about his favorite superheroes, games, and cartoon characters. he's even created his own comics. yes, he did. he wrote about a character named superball (can you guess why he's called superball lol).

so, if you happen to drop by his blog, expect to read a lot of stories about super mario, luigi, ultraman, and many other characters. and do bear in mind that it's a 7 year old's blog, so do expect a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. but, it's always fun to read stories written by kids. so, do visit him at miggy's playground if you need a smile or a laugh.



Anonymous said...

good for your lil kiddo :)it will help him more to be creative... K has been hinting to want one but deadma ako (maybe because she's a she) i bought her the nintendo's secret diary instead where she can write what she wants to say :)

mharia said...

my son (who's nine years old) wants to create his own blog, too ... or i believe he created one yesterday, with his dad's help. :)

thanks for the visit!