Sunday, October 5, 2008

gabie and the pupununus

“mama, i want pupununus!”

what??? what in the world is pupununus? do you have any idea what this is?

lately, i’ve had a lot of frustrations over this pupununus thingy. gabie would always ask for it. but, i have absolutely no idea what this is! this always leads to a lot of crying on gabie’s side. and as his mom, there’s nothing i can do because i really don’t know what it is. if you’re a parent of a toddler, or if you’ve had a toddler, i’m sure you can understand how frustrating this kind of situations are.

according to miggy, gabie is talking about a tv show from nickelodeon. to solve this dillema, today, i searched the nickelodeon site. but i can’t find any “pupununus” show.

luckily, miggy is right beside me and he pointed at the right show. and of course, the title is not pupununus. did i really expect that my 4year old would know the correct title?

finally! so pupununus is actually “tak and the power of juju”. and now, i also know why gabie calls it pupununus. as described by the nickelodeon website, the show is about tak who is a shaman’s assistant from the pupununu tribe.

whew, now that's such a relief! no more frustrating nights with gabie :0)

so, you parents out there, if ever your toddler asks for pupununus, now you know what it is. it’s tak and the power of juju.

but, if your toddler asks for tikawiraowa, sorry, can’t help you with that. i have no idea, too!

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