Friday, October 3, 2008

say sorry

my kids are not only funny, they are also very obedient ... well, sometimes ...

last night, gabie and miggy were fighting over their toy. it's an educational/construction toy that consists of many different pieces that you put together to form something. you know, the kind that's supposed to encourage children's curiosity, discovery, creativity, yada yada yada.

so, imagine them arguing about a 50-pieces toy. i mean, that's 50 pieces, right? there's more than enough for the two of them.

after asking them to stop fighting for, i think, the 10th time and they still wouldn't stop, that's it! it's time for me to take action. i scolded them and as their punishment, i asked them to sit at the opposite corners of the bedroom. they were not allowed to leave their spot unless i tell them. and they are supposed to think about what they've done and why it's wrong.

so, after about 5 minutes, they started saying sorry to me. i told them that they should not say sorry to me but to each other. so, i told them to face each other. then hold each other's hands and look into each other's eyes. then say, "i'm sorry" to each other repeatedly.

i told them that i'll go out of the bedroom for a while and they have to continue saying "i'm sorry" to each other until i come back.

well, you see, i was baking a cake that time so when i left the bedroom, it wasn't just for "a while". i stayed out of the bedroom until i finished baking the cake and completely forgot the punishment i gave to the two boys!

i went back to the bedroom and they were still holding hands and saying sorry to each other hahaha

later, the hubby who was left in the bedroom with them, told me that after a while, gabie stopped saying sorry to miggy. but miggy still kept on saying it until his voice was already hoarse. and gabie was already very much irritated with miggy's pleas that he kept on trying to cover miggy's mouth with his hands to stop him.

as i said, they are obedient kids :D and funny ...

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