Wednesday, October 8, 2008

he's hammered

"mama, my foot hurts!"

yesterday, on the train home, i received a frantic call from miggy. he was on panic mode. i can’t really understand him at first because all he’s doing was crying.

after 10 minutes of crying on the phone, he finally stopped. then, he told me that his foot hurts a lot. he said that while going down the stairs in school, he twisted and sprained his ankle. and, he used the same foot to walk from school to home (we're on the opposite side of the block). that’s why, by the time he reached home, it was already too painful.

when i reached home, he has already stopped crying. i told him that we would go to the a&e of the children’s hospital to get his foot treated. as always, he asked the silliest questions.

mama, do i have to use a wheelchair now?
will i use a wheelchair forever???
will my feet hurt forever?
how will the doctor check my bones? will he open the skin?

well, we ended up not going. he was too anxious for a trip to the hospital. i just surfed the net and looked for what should be done as first aide for ankle sprain. i learned about rice (rest, ice, compress, elevate). so, i just let him rest his foot and take a day off from school.

but tonight, i decided to take him to the hospital because since he took the day off, we needed to get a medical certificate for him. kids here in singapore can only take days off from school if they have a valid medical certificate.

in the taxi, on our way to the hospital, miggy asked what the doctor would do to him. my hubby joked and told him that the doctor would have to check if his bones are fine by opening up his skin.

miggy: what will they do if my bones are broken?
me: (i played along with my hubby) then they will get a nail and a hammer and “repair” your bones.
miggy: what??? mama, i don’t want to be hammered!

of course, he wasn’t hammered. the doctor said that he could probably have fractured his ankle so he put miggy’s feet on a cast.

now miggy can’t go to school for another seven days.



Anonymous said...

that's one i miss in singapore - taking too much days off when you're "sick" but not that really sick hehe, doctors do wonders!

but on the other it's really better to cast it to keep from minimum motion, ya better watch the foot carefully but no worries kids can heal fast they're like sponge!

tell miggy uncle dong has the same situation. he (accidentally) twisted his left foot and he's been limping for months now because he is STUBBORN, he never goes to the doctor :(

inyang said...

ay, ate, better ask dong to go to the doctor na ... the longer he waits, the worse it will get ...