Friday, October 3, 2008

counting sheeps

my kids love hearing bedtime stories from me. before going to sleep, they'd always ask me to tell them a story. sometimes, i'd tell them a fairy tale, sometimes i'd tell them a filipino folklore, but most of the time, i'd tell them a story about the different mythical creatures from the philippines like aswang, tikbalang, kapre, etc. though scary, they really prefer the latter.

like most moms, i'd tell them a story whenever i can. but like most working moms, there are times when, as much as i want to oblige, i'm just too tired from work so i'd think of something else that can help them to go to sleep.

there was one night when i was so tired from work and i just want to head straight to dreamland. as always, miggy started asking me for a story. when i told him i'm tired, he insisted.

miggy: mama, i can't sleep.
me: why don't you count sheeps jumping over a fence? that will make you sleepy.
miggy: ok.

he was quiet for a few minutes that i thought he was already sleeping.

miggy: mama, i still can't sleep.
me: why?
miggy: because there's already so many sheeps jumping over the fence! i can't count all of them.
me: ay naku, just tell the sheeps to line up and jump one at a time.

a few minutes of silence again.

miggy: mama, i really can't sleep.
me: now what?
miggy: because there are so many animals now. not only sheeps!

hahaha now that's what i call "wild imagination" ...


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