Monday, October 27, 2008

school's out

well, not yet. but will be soon! the school holidays is coming very, very close. and it's going to be a very long holiday for the kids. this means:

1. for miggy

only 1 exam left. whew! he's got only one mandarin exam left. can you believe that 4 out of his 6 exams are for mandarin?
my hubby and i had a deal with miggy that we'd buy new wii games for him if he could ace his english and maths exams. and i have to give credit to him. i never studied that much when i was his age! and he studied everyday. practicing with all the maths and english exercise books that i bought for him. and two times a week revisions with his chinese tutor. they even had to spend one extra hour for his revisions, which means extra $25 for the tutor!

his maths and english exams are over. he thinks he did well. but he cannot say that he aced it. well, that's good enough for me. i know he did his best and that's what's important for me.

a photo of miggy talking to a friend in school, taken last thursday

2. for gabie

his kindergarten had their graduation concert last friday. and no, gabie did not graduate since he's only in nursery. he's got another two years in kindergarten. but each of the class in his kindergarten performed that night.

gabie's class did a traditional taiwanese dance. it was the first time that my dear baby gabie performed in stage and i was so proud of him :)

here's a video of his performance. you can see in the video that he was having lots of fun dancing!

3. for mikee
my little girl is growing very fast. she'll be starting school in two months!


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