Saturday, December 27, 2008

michael jordan-O

last night, espn was showing a classic chicago bulls vs. utah jazz finals game. i cannot remember from which season/year it was. although, i do remember watching it when i was in college which was uhmm about uhmm xx years ago hahaha.

anyway, i thought it was a great opportunity for me to introduce to my 2 boys the greatest basketball player ever, at least for me. so, i called the boys and told them "look here, that's michael jordan. he's the greatest basketball player, ever!"

miggy asked me, "which one, mama?"

i answered, "there he is! do you know that miguel is michael in english? and his name is michael."

miggy was in awe, "really? his name is michael?"

"yes, he's michael."
i said.

i didn't know that gabie was really paying attention to me, he's only 4 so i don't really think he'd be interested. that's why i was surprised when he suddenly blurted out ...

"no, mama! that's jordan!"

yeah, right! so much for me wanting to introduce mj to my boys hahaha

then, i remembered about the new shoes i bought the boys last sunday ...

"ei, miggy, do you know that your new shoes is a jordan shoes?", i said.

"what? do you mean, jordan-O?" hahaha he meant giordano.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

PHOTOHUNT: favorite

for this week's photohunt, i'm introducing ... jollibee!


the kids with jollibee and aj

if the world has mcdonald's, the philippines have jollibee. jollibee is the philippines' answer to mcdonald's. and in the philippines, it's even bigger than mcdonald's. especially to the kids. you ask a filipino child what he/she prefers, jollibee or mcdonald's. i bet the answer would be jollibee. i guess it's because it caters well to the filipino taste.

this photo was taken when we visited the philippines in march 2008. it was the first time for gabie and mikee to go to the philippines. and miggy has not been home in 5 years, so it's like a first for him, too. and this is their first time to meet the most popular bee in the philippines.

you can see how mikee is looking at jollibee as if she's sizing him up. and see gabie's hesitation about taking his photo with the bee. i guess, in his mind, he's thinking: why would i want to have a photo with this strange looking bee???

anyway, after 2 weeks in the philippines and eating jollibee for almost every day haha, gabie kept on asking for jollibee's macaroni soup which he loved so much. since there's no jollibee outlet here in singapore, he just have to wait till next year when we go back for the christmas holidays. yes, he still needs to wait for a whole year to have another taste of everyone's favorite :)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

LITRATONG PINOY: mahalagang regalo

this week's litratong pinoy theme is mahalagang regalo. regalo is gift in english. depending on how it is used, mahalaga could have a number of translations. it could be important or valuable or expensive. so for my take on this week's theme, mahalagang regalo is an expensive gift.

last christmas, i gave gabie a nintendo ds lite with about 50 different games. he loved it so much that it would always be by his side. even when he goes to school, he'd always have it in his bag. he won't take it out in school, but it has to be in his bag. he'd throw tantrums if i won't let him bring it to school. actually, it serves as his "pacifier". he's always playing with it. his favorite game is pokemon and super mario 64, of course. mine is cooking mama haha.

as expected, after one year of daily usage (with a lot of banging, falling, ang tossing, as well -- go figure), the ds has finally retired. it is broken now and can't be used anymore.

now, since it served as gabie's pacifier, without it, gabie has been throwing a lot of tantrums lately. because of this, hubby and i are thinking of buying another one for him this christmas. we're still undecided, though. it's too expensive a gift. two christmases in a row. oh dear!


nintendo ds lite


ang tema ng litratong pinoy sa linggong ito ay mahalagang regalo. ang mahalagang regalo ay maaaring regalo na importante. pwede din naman na regalong malaki ang halaga o mamahalin. at ito ang napili kong ibahagi sa linggong ito.

noong nakaraang pasko, niregaluhan namin si gabie ng nintendo ds lite na merong 50 games. love na love nya ang laruang ito. kahit saan siya pumunta ay dala niya ito. kahit sa school, dinadala niya ito. kelangan lagi itong nasa bag niya. nagwawala sya kapag hindi ko pinapadala ang ds niya. para kasing pacifier o pampatahan nya ang laruang ito. lagi nya itong nilalaro. siyempre pa, ang paborito nyang games ay pokemon at super mario 64. ang akin ay cooking mama haha.

pero, gaya ng inaasahan, matapos ang isang taon ng paglalaro, pagpapasa-pasahan, pukpukan, at bagsakan, e bumigay na din ang ds ni gabie. sira na ito. hindi na ito gumagana.

dahil wala na ang ds, madalas na umiiyak at nagwawala si gabie ngaun. wala na ang pacifier nya. kaya medyo nag-iisip kami ng asawa ko na ibili na lang siya ng bago ngayong darating na pasko. pero, pinag-iisipan pa din namin. masyado kasing malaki ang halaga e. dalawang magkasunod na pasko din yun ha!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Silly Monkey Story: see a doctor, mama!

last friday, i was wearing sandals that have very slippery soles. on my way to work, i slipped and landed on my knee. i ended up with a 1in bruise on my knee.

today, again, i was wearing the same pair of sandals. and again, slipped and landed on the same knee! but it was worse this time. last friday, at least, i was with my hubby so he was able to help soften the fall. today, i was with friends and we were walking and chatting when it happened. i fell badly on my knees and although i was wearing a pair of slacks, i had abrasions on my knee and an even bigger bruise, about 2in diameter.

when i came home, and after changing my clothes, mikee saw the boo-boo on my knee. and here's our little chat about it ...

mikee: mama, what happened your knee?
me: i slipped!
mikee: oh, you have a boo-boo!
me: yes, i do.
mikee: now, you have to see a doctor, mama. you go now. but don't be scared, okay? it's just a doctor. you don't have to be scared of doctor, mama. okay?

haha now the baby is comforting her mommy!


Monday, December 8, 2008

jingle bells

it's only 17 days to go before christmas and here's a song that gabie sings whenever he's in a christmassy mood ...

jingle all the way ...
oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh!

gabie's real name is gabriel :) and no, i didn't teach him that song. i just heard him singing it and i just can't help but smile to myself ...


Monday, December 1, 2008

gab the builder

when gabie was about 2 years old, he was a big fan of bob the builder. on his 2nd birthday, the theme was, you guessed it, bob the builder. but i kind of tweaked it a bit and made it gab the builder. that was a fun party for him.

now, almost 2 years later, thomas and friends has already replaced bob the builder in his heart. but, i think gab the builder still fits gabie very well. he simply loves building/making bigger things out of small things. i'm impressed with his imagination and creativity.

let me tell you something about gabie. you see, he started talking only around mid of this year. he is almost four now. no. actually, he started talking about 2 years ago. but, he talked german :D nobody could ever understand a word he was saying. not even me. and it's not that he doesn't talk much. because he did. he talked a lot. but in german. that's when my friend told me about an old wives tale that says kids who started talking quite late are intelligent, if not geniuses. my friend had a cousin who started talking only when he was about 3 or 4 years old, who grew up almost like a nerd. so she sort of believes that tale. well, for me, it is what it is: an old wives tale.

though sometimes, that tale sort of creeps into my mind whenever i see the things that gabie creates or builds out of assorted things or toys.

oh, and puzzles! he is very good with puzzles. i bought him a box of puzzles consisting of about 5 to 8 different puzzles for kids. each puzzle consists of about 8 to 10 parts. even if all the parts of all those puzzles are mixed together, gabie amazes me by solving all the puzzles without any help!

i'm not expecting to have a genius son, don't get me wrong on that. but like any mother, i just can't help but feel happy and proud whenever i see my gabie do these amazing things.



Silly Monkey Stories: my little fashionista pt 2


what do you think about mikee's clothes? nothing fancy, right? really nothing to rave about. but, do you see that pink ribbon tied around her waist? that doesn't really come with this sundress.

you see, when i came home from work today, that little ribbon caught my attention. when i saw it, i thought "oh dear. it seems i do have a little fashionista!"

i can imagine her finding that ribbon and asking ate j to tie it around her waist. no, i think forcing would be a more appropriate word. but then again, she might have tied it around her waist all by herself :D