Saturday, December 27, 2008

michael jordan-O

last night, espn was showing a classic chicago bulls vs. utah jazz finals game. i cannot remember from which season/year it was. although, i do remember watching it when i was in college which was uhmm about uhmm xx years ago hahaha.

anyway, i thought it was a great opportunity for me to introduce to my 2 boys the greatest basketball player ever, at least for me. so, i called the boys and told them "look here, that's michael jordan. he's the greatest basketball player, ever!"

miggy asked me, "which one, mama?"

i answered, "there he is! do you know that miguel is michael in english? and his name is michael."

miggy was in awe, "really? his name is michael?"

"yes, he's michael."
i said.

i didn't know that gabie was really paying attention to me, he's only 4 so i don't really think he'd be interested. that's why i was surprised when he suddenly blurted out ...

"no, mama! that's jordan!"

yeah, right! so much for me wanting to introduce mj to my boys hahaha

then, i remembered about the new shoes i bought the boys last sunday ...

"ei, miggy, do you know that your new shoes is a jordan shoes?", i said.

"what? do you mean, jordan-O?" hahaha he meant giordano.



Snoopygie said...

hahaha...funny talaga mga kids, madalas naiiba ang meaning ng mga salita. they can't be blame though, they sounds the same.

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charles said...

you're kids are funny... hahaha