Sunday, December 14, 2008

PHOTOHUNT: favorite

for this week's photohunt, i'm introducing ... jollibee!


the kids with jollibee and aj

if the world has mcdonald's, the philippines have jollibee. jollibee is the philippines' answer to mcdonald's. and in the philippines, it's even bigger than mcdonald's. especially to the kids. you ask a filipino child what he/she prefers, jollibee or mcdonald's. i bet the answer would be jollibee. i guess it's because it caters well to the filipino taste.

this photo was taken when we visited the philippines in march 2008. it was the first time for gabie and mikee to go to the philippines. and miggy has not been home in 5 years, so it's like a first for him, too. and this is their first time to meet the most popular bee in the philippines.

you can see how mikee is looking at jollibee as if she's sizing him up. and see gabie's hesitation about taking his photo with the bee. i guess, in his mind, he's thinking: why would i want to have a photo with this strange looking bee???

anyway, after 2 weeks in the philippines and eating jollibee for almost every day haha, gabie kept on asking for jollibee's macaroni soup which he loved so much. since there's no jollibee outlet here in singapore, he just have to wait till next year when we go back for the christmas holidays. yes, he still needs to wait for a whole year to have another taste of everyone's favorite :)



Sreisaat said...

It's a favorite back at home too!! Weekends are never complete without a trip to A'bee - that's Jollibee to my nieces and nephew :)

I grew up, whining and pining for A'bee, too.

Ladynred said...

I'm sure masmasarap sa Jolibee kay sa Mcdo. I know kids loves Jolibee.

luna miranda said...

indeed, every filipino child's favorite!

S-H-Y said...

I miss eating in Jolibbee