Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SILLY MONKEY STORY: first day of school 2009

kids 005

the new school year officially began last friday here in singapore. so, miggy went back to school and as always, didn't have any issues with his first day in school. if he did, maybe it lasted only 5 minutes. that's how comfy he is about going to school. even way back in nursery when he first started schooling. he needed only one day to adjust then. the following days, he was on his own.

and that was the complete opposite of gabie and mikee's first day in school.

last year, when gabie started in nursery, he cried as expected. no. he didn't simply cry. no. actually, he made a scene. a very big scene. it took him about 4 days to adjust to school. but at least on the 4th day, he rode the school bus and went to school by himself.


this year, it was mikee's turn. and oh, am i glad this is the last hahaha

gabie and mikee's kindergarten began only yesterday. if gabie made a scene last year, mikee has her own drama this year. she wouldn't let me leave her in school. but the teachers requested all of us parents to leave the kids to them and they'll handle them. all 15 of them. crying. kids. all at the same time.

if you ask me, i don't think that is the most effective way to help the kids adjust to kindergarten. i mean, they weren't really given the time to adjust. i think it would have been better if the parents were allowed to stay with the kids for at least one day. at least for one day, the kids wouldn't have to worry about their mommies or daddies leaving them in school. instead, they can focus on their new surrounding and get used to their teachers and new friends. oh well, that's the school policy. not mine.

(see that worried look on her face?)

before i left mikee yesterday, i told her that if she is feeling sad, just sing to herself. sing her favorite song, tomorrow. so, from outside the school, i heard her lamenting to her teacher ...

where's my mama?

but ... but ... i miss my mama ...

the sun will come out, tomorrow!
(this she sings while crying!)

i want to go home ...

i miss my boys ...
(i really find this sweet!)

and of course, it was the same today ... and tomorrow. will. be. another. day.


so, how was your kids' first day in school?




Snoopygie said...

ang cute naman nilang tatlo.

no problems with Regz so far. their regular classes will start on Monday yet, Jan. 12.

Anonymous said...

over here (in a western way), i learned that creche offered a playgroup for kids at a very young age para daw they'll get used to other kids and teachers, think about 1-2 hrs a day, which i find cool and handy :)

S-H-Y said...

Ang cute nmn nla...