Tuesday, January 27, 2009


yesterday morning, when miggy woke up, he had a fever. i'm not sure what happened to him. i don't think it could be viral 'coz if it was, then he would have passed it to one of us by now. and no one else was sick at home. and he never went out the house during the weekend.

anyway, he was sick in bed all day. i spent most of last night awake to monitor his condition. luckily, it's a public holiday yesterday and today so i could take care of him.

when he woke up this morning, he's still sick. he was nauseous and had to vomit a few times. it wasn't easy because he hadn't eaten anything yet so his stomach was empty.

i asked him what he wanted to eat for breakfast. but he didn't want anything because of the nausea. and he just want to go back to sleep.

so, i left him for a while and went to get a chocolate sandwich (a.k.a nutella-filled sandwich) for myself. when miggy saw me with the sandwich, i guess, he was tempted and asked for my sandwich. after finishing the sandwich, he asked for another one.

and lo! after his second sandwich, he suddenly got better. the fever was gone. the nausea was gone. he even left the bed to play with mikee and gabie. and he never got sick again throughout the day.

that's why now, i am wondering ... chocolates???



Snoopygie said...

hey, chocolate works for me too.

flory said...

I got that idea too in Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azcaban, when prof. Lupin gave Harry a chocolate when he got fainted... and it's effective. probably because of its sugar content.

Dinah said...

could be :-)or maybe he was really better having slept off the bug:-)
but as a mom, whatever makes him okay, right? i hate it when my kids are sick.

Jes said...

advance happy birthday!!!! - LP member "JES"

Jes said...

ay pasensya na tpos na pla heheh =) d bale maligayang bati p dn! =)

Alem said...

go nutella! i actually love it in my crepes.

i think the sickness may be due to our weather. it's getting pretty crazy lately. one minute cold then rain then heat.

or, if he's studying, it could be "katam." hehehe! i got this a lot when i was a kid.