Sunday, April 11, 2010

lost in translation #1


when miggy was a baby, we used to call him miggy boy ... we still do but with two younger siblings, more often he's referred to as kuya now ...

anyway, this afternoon, while waiting for the bus, i was teasing him and was singing "miggy boy, ba-boy!" ... (baboy is the filipino word for pig)

when he got annoyed, i asked him, "why? do you know what baboy is?"

he proudly said, "yes!"

and i said, "ok, so what does it mean?"

miggy replied, "chicken!"

when hubby and i laughed, miggy asked, "what? is it a turkey?"

lol ....



Flory said...

that's funny, oh what happened to his face?

inyang said...

@flory - he fell face first in the playground =( but it's ok now ... though the wound left a scar on his face ...