Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Silly Monkey Stories: Collage

as i promised last week, instead of sharing a funny moment with my kids, today, i will share some photos taken by miggy and gabie.

i used to own a sony ericsson handphone with a 5mp camera. of course, since it was a sony, the camera was really good. the quality of the photos were comparable to a decent point and shoot digital camera. and because of this, i didn't have to carry my digital camera for any photo worth events. i can always count on my mobile phone for that :0)

so, just imagine my dismay one day after i took a photo and found that i can not save it because i no longer have enough memory in my handphone. i knew that i didn't have too much files in my handphone so i really can't believe that i no longer have enough memory. and when i checked my photo folder, this is what i found.

i guess miggy and gabie also loved the camera of my handphone hehe
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flo·ry said...

guess what? my son is also like that. He would set his toys, sometimes scattered all over the place and before I know it... hawak na nya phone ko! ;)

inyang said...

ay ate, kids nowadays tlga are so tech-savvy na hahaha

bingskee said...

how they love your camera! and very true, kids are even better than their moms and dads when it comes to those things ha ha

Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

Those are great pictures!! I love kids creativity... my boys loved action figures too!!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Myabe they will grow up to be photographers?! I think they did a great job!

Thanks for sharing your story with us!!