Sunday, November 30, 2008

LITRATONG PINOY: Tagumpay (Victory)


for this week's litratong pinoy theme, i will have to re-post about miggy's award in school. i know it's becoming quite redundant now and i maybe sounding like a broken record. but this week's theme is victory/success and let me share to you why this is victory for miggy and me. first, let me warn you that this could be a long one.

when the schoolyear began, miggy got sick on the second day of the schoolyear and was absent for about 3 days. on the day that he came back, his class was given an assessment test for which, miggy was definitely not prepared. when he came home, he was very sad because he was thinking that he might have failed the test. he said, he was asked to spell some words, including ball. and he was not able to spell most of it, including ball :( he was also asked to write the number words, which unfortunately, around that time, he didn't know yet.

the following week, i received a note from school informing me that as a result of the assessment test, my son was placed in the school's learning support program (lsp) and i was invited to attend the parents' orientation about this program. during the orientation, i learned that the kids in lsp are, basically, kids who are academically behind their peers. these are the kids who needs extra help to learn how to read, write, and count. and he's the only one in his class.

when i was in elementary school, the kids who needed extra help are those who are really, really (to put it gently) slow. so, i was really pissed during the orientation. in my mind, there were so many questions. what kind of assessment did they give to the kids? who do they think they are to tell me that my son needed extra support? and the most pressing one is, how can they evaluate my son based only on one assessment test? one assessment test! and one that he took after being down with a flu.

after the orientation, i started giving miggy extra lessons as well aside from the extra help he is getting from lsp. of course, i didn't want anyone to tell me that i am an irresponsible mother for not teaching my son. i have to do my bit, and i am well aware of that. so, i did. and that's when i noticed something about miggy. aside from not being too familiar with the alphabets, he also had trouble with the letters b, d, p, q, n, and m. he would always interchange b and d, p and q, and, m and n. it was really frustrating at first because although he was already beginning to read, he would always make mistakes with these letters. and his short attention span was not helping at all. i have to admit that at times, i would really lose my cool because of this. miggy was under pressure. i was under pressure, too!

learning about dyslexia didn't help as well. in my attempt to find a solution to miggy's issue with his letter problems, i read about dyslexia. and it made me more worried about him. before this, i thought that the problem was simply his lack of attention. but then, according to my research, one of the symptoms of dyslexia is the interchangeing of the letters b and d, p and q, and, m and n. bingo! that's miggy's problem. also, according to some websites, some dyslexic kids are very unorganized. omg! that's my miggy. he is so unorganized that he always loses his things. often times, he'll go to school with about 5 freshly sharpened pencils and 2 erasers. then he'd come home with none. i cannot even remember how many pencils and erasers he has misplaced in school. i've lost count.

to be continued ...


sa mga ka-lp ko, pasensya na po kung indi ko na ma-tagalog ito dahil sobra pong haba. bawi po ako sa susunod na linggo. maligayang lp!


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