Sunday, November 30, 2008


last week, i learned from miggy that the lady cleaner of our building gave mikee a hello kitty tin box and a small stuffed duck toy. i thought, wow she's really nice to give mikee those things.

then, i learned that my mom won't let mikee touch those things. my mom said that, yes, this lady is very fond of mikee. but she is concerned that those stuff may not be clean. I mean they are clean, but not clean, as in clean. my mom was concerned that maybe those stuff were thrown away by the other tenants in our building and that the lady could have taken it and reserved it form mikee. at first, i thought, that may not be true. how can anyone give a little child something that she just picked from the rubbish bin, right?

then, i saw the tin box ...

hello kitty tin box

it's really cute and if i am a little girl, i would love to have it, too. well, actually, even if i am no longer a little girl, i may still use it for work on casual fridays hahaha. but, i kind of agree with my mom now. it is very obvious that the tin box is pre-loved. the lid is a bit bent and difficult to open. and there are also some pentel pen markings on the lid.

but i feel guilty towards the lady who gave it to mikee. it was really nice of her to give those things to mikee. but what should i do?

if you're in this situation, would you let mikee use it or not?



Anonymous said...

such a kind gesture from the old lady, she meant no harm... she must have really like her. the tin can won't be use for eating right? then i supposed it's okay to use it just for putting stuff in it or play with it... even if it's pre-owned it doesn't mean it came from a dirty house or something, rest assured it's from a child as well who may have a new one and just want to share the old one to others. clean it anyway before you let her play with it.

over here you'll witness people giving away old stuff big time! things can be gone in no time if you put them aside (100mm away from the bin :)

Aloha Monkey said...

That was very nice of the cleaning lady to think of your daughter. If I were in your situation I would totally let her use it. Just disinfect it and clean it well. It's no worse than getting something from a thrift shop.

Cute metal can!

Snoopygie said...

ang tanong type ba ni mikee, gusto nya ba laruin? kung di naman nya type so ala problema itabi mo na lang. kung gusto nya laruin siguro paliguan mo na lang ng dettol, i-disinfect mo mabuti...