Saturday, November 1, 2008

examinations are over

finally, miggy's exams are over! he had his last mandarin exams last wednesday.

he has seen his test results for maths and english. but the teacher didn't let him bring home the papers. well, that's fine. at least now, we all know how he did in the exams.

he scored 80% on his english paper. he is not too happy about it because somebody did get 100%. but he's proud to say that he didn't get the lowest score because he saw somebody get 36% hahaha

for maths, he got 90% which i think is a really high score. according to him, somebody did get 100% for maths as well. and he kept on saying that he did check his work twice before submitting his papers to the teacher so he's wondering why he still got 7 incorrect answers. but hey, 90% is excellent for me!

all we're waiting for now are the results of his mandarin exams. he had 4 different exams for mandarin and we're hoping that he pass them at the least. mandarin is his problem subject because we're not chinese and non of us understands a word of chinese. it's so difficult to learn this language so i don't really expect him to get very high grades on it.

now that the exams are over, miggy is happy to be back to his old ways of playing and playing and playing all day long. at least for the time being, he don't have to study and work on maths problems most of the day. we'll let him play all he want for now. he deserves it.


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