Sunday, November 23, 2008

best in progress

i haven't posted on this blog because of these.

and because of these, i am a bit late in posting about miggy's award in school. anyway, as i mentioned in a previous post, miggy received an award in school. he was given the best in progress award.

i was so proud of him as he was walking on the stage. as i've written before, academics is very tough here in singapore. so for a student to receive an award is definitely an achievement.

here's the trophy that he received ...


and here's our prize for him ...

as early as now, we've already made a deal that next year, he should get the bigger trophies or at least the best in maths award :) his prize? i promised to take him to hk disneyland. but all he wants is a trip to enchanted kingdom hahaha



Anonymous said...

best in progress nga! as in nakalagay sa trophy :) proud mama huh!!! good that you're back into blogging kala ko na kidnap ka na ng alien :)

inyang said...

hehe indi naman ate, nawili lng ako nitong nakaraan sa aking bagong hobby :)

oist pansin ko ha, parehong-pareho tau ng post s mga achievements ng bebe natin hahaha iba n ang me mga pinagmanahan n mga bata :D

Snoopygie said...

young achiever, mare. pinakita ko kay Reggie sabi nya gusto daw nya maging kagaya ni Migi. Oh di ba, idol. Sana nga maging inspirasyon nya eh. Medyo nabawasan na nga ang takot nya mag P1.