Sunday, March 8, 2009

what is a puffle?

last week, miggy asked me to sign his school work. it was an english composition that he wrote. the title was my pet migz, the puffle.

i would say that miggy is definitely improving with his writing. i think for an eight-year-old, he's doing really good in writing. even his teacher agrees that with just a little more effort, his writing would be perfect. you can read about his composition in his own blog.

and his imagination. well, it simply amazes me. he's a good storyteller. i mean, what is a puffle, anyway??? but there he was describing it in full details, including the food it eats and where he found it.

anyway, i hope he keeps up the good work if he really wants to be a comics writer in the future. according to him, he will be the stan lee of the future :D


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