Sunday, March 8, 2009

little linguist

mikee's been having some chinese lessons in her nursery class. i can tell that she's really interested in the language. at home, she would often recite the phrases that she learned in school. sometimes, she would even attempt to teach me some of the phrases and would even correct me when my pronunciations are wrong. oh and do i have to mention that i have absolutely no idea whether the phrases that she recites are correct? hahaha how would i know anyway?

one morning, mikee woke up early so i had breakfast with her before i went to work. and as always, she is doing her monologue. i'm so used to her monologues that i have to admit that sometimes, i no longer pay attention to what she's saying. she would tell or ask me some things and i would just absent-mindedly answer her.

so, when she said, "anone hato?", i answered with an "uh huh."

i guess she wasn't satisfied with my reply because again she said, "anone hato?". this time louder. and she was indeed successful cause she definitely got me saying "what?!?!?!"

i thought that she can't be speaking chinese because it certainly didn't sound chinese. and i kept thinking about miggy who's been trying to learn some japanese phrases via his favorite japanese show. the way mikee said the phrase, it really sounded like japanese. and i thought maybe she's been catching some of the things that miggy's been learning.

then, i looked at our food ... lightbulb moment!

we were having hotdogs for breakfast. so, hato must be hotdog! hahaha all along she's been speaking english and there i was racking my brains for japanese and chinese phrases :D

okay, now, don't ask me what is anone. because up to now, i still haven't figured out that part :D


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