Saturday, March 28, 2009

a day at the zoo

it was the school holidays last week, so as a treat to the kids, hubby and i took them to the zoo.

a few days before our trip, the kids were so excited, as always.

miggy wanted to visit the new kids station where they can play in the amazing wading pool. and eat kfc hahaha need i say more?

mikee kept saying that she wants to see the monkeys. she doesn't care about all the other animals. only the monkeys. when i asked her why, she said all the other animals will eat her. not bite. eat.

gabie is the most interesting one. when i asked him which animal he wants to see in the zoo, he said the tiger. then, he said, "mama, i want to touch the tiger!" ok, he's definitely not doing that!

on the day of our trip to the zoo, it started out as a very sunny day. it was too hot! lucky i brought an evian water spray to at least relieve us from the heat. but since it was too hot, we had to spray, i think, every 10 minutes ^_^

so, after watching an animal show and the polar bear feeding, we headed to the kids station and had lunch at kfc. all this time, the kids just can't wait to get over with lunch so they can go to the wading pool.

then, by the time we finished eating, it started to rain. and it never stopped. until we just decided to go home T_T poor kids, i guess i'll just have to bring them back next month.

we just arrived at the zoo ...

see mikee with her binoculars? she was so arte all the time, using it whenever we point at an animal ...

notice most of the pictures here are dark? well, we spent most of the time in the boat dock, waiting for the rain to stop ...

and here's mikee singing while we were waiting for the rain to stop in the boat dock ...

notice her song lyrics is mostly "we cannot go ... we cannot go" hahaha

oh! the kids did get to spend some time in the wading pool. that's when the rain let up a bit. a whopping ten minutes in the pool :)

and yes, gabie changed his mind as soon as we arrived at the tigers' den ...



Snoopygie said...

the wading pool is where Reggie wanted to stay when we went their last month.
going to the zoo is a fun & educational trip for the children.

Flory said...

ang cute ni mikee!