Saturday, March 14, 2009



yesterday, i went for a parent-teacher-meeting in miggy's school to know how he's been doing so far in primary 2. generally, the feedback is quite good. academically, he's doing well. i even learned from his form teacher (philippine counterpart: class adviser) that he had the best marks in class for his english exams. i'd say, wow! considering that around this time last year, i learned that he had to go to a learning support program because his reading skills were way below average. and now, he's got the best marks ^_^

his marks in maths is also okay. he got 40 out of 50 in the exams. and his mistakes were mostly due to him rushing to finish the test (again) and not because he doesn't know how to do the mental sums.

now, for his mandarin class ... well ... as expected, he did poorly again. but still, i'd have to say that he is definitely doing much better this year than last year. this year, according to the teacher, at least he's already able to understand her when she speaks in mandarin. and he's even able to answer in mandarin as well. so, there's still a whole lot of room for improvement, but he's definitely crawling his way into that room.

the only negative feedback i got (yes, aside from mandarin) was again on his behavior. he still doesn't pay much attention in class. and in his classic miggy way, he'd often ask questions that are always way way out of topic. hayyy, i can just imagine the desperation of his teacher when he does that. you see, miggy never run out of questions. he's always curious about everything. and everything that he doesn't know or understand, he'd definitely voice it out. another hayyyy. anyway, at least, i know he's already improved compared to how he was when he first joined kindergarten. hahaha i remember the feedback that i get from the teachers then. they just didn't know how to calm him down. he was always hyper-active. at least, now, not too much hehe

on our way back home, we were talking about some stuff about his school, his teachers feedback, his friends. we even talked about one of his friends who, according to him, got only 2 points (out of 50) in their maths exams. i told him that maybe they just have to help her because she might be having some learning difficulties. maybe she needs a lot of help. i wanted to teach him that the girl may be having low marks not because she is "slow" but maybe because she's just not getting all the help that she needs at home.

miggy: when i grow up, mama, i will teach my kids just like you!
me: ok. that's good.
miggy: yes. but i'm going to take them back to the philippines. so they wouldn't have to study mandarin!

alright ... i guess that's some sort of a hint ... don't you think?



Anonymous said...

i miss you ate :)

why kids are itching to finish the tests?!? K is the same and get mistakes as well... maybe they think it's a race hehe

inyang said...

i also missed blogging :( been too busy lately with work ... sigh ...

i guess kids just loathe exams too much so they just can't wait for it to be over ... i know i did when i was still in school hehe

Snoopygie said...

not reading the question & assumption, that's what I think why they made mistakes. I notice it when Regz is doing some activities at home, when he sees that the next question have the same pattern as the previous one he will just go on & do the same thing.

Specially in word problems, 1 word will make a big difference in your answer, like the word "more" or "less". So I have to repeatedly tell him to read the question, read the question...blah blah.