Monday, August 3, 2009

c-a-t, cat!


in school, mikee's starting to learn how to read and spell some common 3-letter words ... yesterday, we were practicing her spelling skills ... we did the basic "c-a-t, cat!" and "d-o-g, dog!" ... and then, we moved to a simple 4-letter word ...

me: "what about 'mama'?"

mikee: "n-i-n-a, mama!"

aaawwww, sweet!!!

then she said, "mama, i know how to spell 'market'"

ok, now that's a 6-letter word which i don't really expect her to know but i still played along with her ...

me: "ok, spell market ... "

mikee: "a-m-k, market!

lol ... see, amk stands for ang mo kio hub where the supermarket is :D she'd always read out the amk sign outside the mall whenever we do our shopping there ...


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